About Mobrio

The almost universal adoption of Web 2.0 capabilities by web publishers and users alike has stimulated a fresh approach to the design and development of software that facilitates web communication and the support services that underpin their use. The expectations of smart phone users to interact via the web while on the move, demand novel levels of ingenuity from software designers.

Mobrio has been at the heart of these developments since inception. Today, the company provides advisory, software design and development capabilities and support services for organisations that embrace Web 2.0. Some of the largest digital media and entertainment organisations in the world have partnered with Mobrio, among them AOL, Bacardi, BSkyB, e-skills UK, Harper Collins, ITV, MTV, Sky News, UKTV and Virgin Media.

Privately owned, the company is headquartered in London, England and operates software design and development and content moderation centres in the Ukraine.